Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Preparation for Bali...

Haluuu... So like Mr.Mon mentioned in the previous entry, I have been planning months months ahead for my trip to Bali in Nov which is what also you guys should do since there will be a lot of exciting and fun places and activities to do in Bali. And of course we usually can go there for maybe a max of 4 nights right? Unless you have your own company lah. :) So better plan ahead guys and choose what place and activity best suits you that you can cover within that few days that your leave was approved! Hehe.

Today I would like to recommend a place to stay in Ubud. Ubud is of course to me the 2nd best destination in Bali to go to after having a blast in Kuta. Ubud is that place with all the scenery and greenery that most writers look for to get that ideas start rolling. To all you painting lovers, yes Ubud is the place to go to since all native painters reside there. They have a whole village full of painters who sell their painting right at their doorstep!

Anyway...this accommodation below is one of the best value for money accommodation as confirmed by TripAdvisor. I have already booked my last night there since the place really is jam packed all days of the year! Thanks to the rave reviews they got in TripAdvisor. Below is the pictures of room that Mr.Mon have booked (Taken from the hotel website). I introduce to you.... Tegal Sari...

Oh I so love this kind of wooden room. So kampung feel.

Just imagine lazying on the day bed waiting for the sun to set...

Million dollar view! (To KLites of course! Org2 Kedah tak heran la kan haha. :P)

Mr. Mon have booked the Wooden Room for 2 person. Costs only RM160 per night. They also can add another extra bed to the room for an extra charge.. And since they don't offer their rooms to any hotel websites like Agoda or AsiaRooms you have to book through their hotel website:

So for those planning to go to Ubud in the near future and feel like kampung lifestyle and rest and relax.... do give the hotel a call and book a room there course you will not be dissappointed. :)

Tegal Sari website :


  1. amazing views. how to book this place ?

    1. Hi... Just fill in the booking form in their website and they will reply in my case 3 days hehe. Then once confirmed they will send a form to make full payment by credit card (they swipe it after our authorization) or by bank transfer to their Cimb Niaga acc.
      You can also call them to book and email the details to them later.