Monday, 11 February 2013

Seafood @ Bagan Lalang Selangor

Hello & Assalamualaikum all! Hope all is well.... :) usual bila ada je extra long public holiday, mesti nak pegi jalan2 kan? But this time Mr.Mon didn't really go anywhere since next 2 weeks will already be going to Bangkok.... so let the wallet rest first lah kan.... Hehe. But being Mr.Mon, must go at least somewhere nearby la....just for the sake of enjoying the long weekend kannnn. Rugi laa tak pegi mana2. :P

So me and two friends decided to go for some "walk walk find eat". Hehe jalan-jalan carik makannn. We decided to go to Bagan Lalang... One of the famous seafood eateries nearby Kuala Lumpur. It's not Mr.Mon's frist time, but for those who haven't been here it is really recommended to go since you don't just enjoy the fresh seafood, but also the beach (the sand is pretty smooth for a beach near KL)...the view (since from the beach, you can see the sea villas of the very exclusive Gold Palm Tree Resort & Spa) and the beauuuuutiful sunset.

But beware... if you ever decide to go...try not to go during long weekends since the place will be really packed. A normal weekend would be fine but there will still be a lot of people though. The problem will not be that the beach will be too crowded....oh no....the beach still can be shared comfortably...but the seafood restaurants will be a little something to be worried about... The restaurants all had quite a lot of tables but since seafood eaters all flocked from city so demand will overflow. This will be the same for any other long weekend and would also apply to any other seafood joints nearby KL such as Jeram, Kuala Selangor, etc...By 7.30pm (since you wanted to watch the beautiful sunset hehe), all the tables will already be taken... that's the normal dinner time la kan...So unless you're there at the restaurant by 6.30pm, guess you just have to go with the flow....

So.....Since all the tables were already have to first eye for a table that has already started eating (the ones finishing are the best! hehe) and just politely wait by the table (actually however polite it is we are still making people eat uncomfortably haha) at the same time a member or two of your party should go and start queueing at the seafood selection counter (queueing can take up to half hour or more during 'rush hour' so be prepared *wink). So by the time the seafood selection are done, your party should already have a table. If not, no choice la so continue waiting by the table and keep glancing at the food and people already eating so they will become increasingly uncomfortable and will leave earlier...hey it works! ;)

Now let's look at the pics yesterday... :)

The beautiful sunset and as you can see, the Golden Palm Tree Resort is at the background. The sand is pretty powdery too. :)
Usually I will eat at Restoran Senandung Malam whenever I go to Bagan Lalang but last nite the place was too over crowded so I tried this Bagan Lalang Seaview instead. If you come from the road where the Seri Malaysia is, Senandung Malam will be on your immediate left and this Bagan Lalang Seaview on your right. Both have parking space just by the restaurant.

Some permanently added eating area to accommodate seafood diners.
Look at all those people doing the eyeing and waiting for tables. ;) I just got my table yayy!
Udang Tiga Rasa (7 prawns) @ RM16.10 - The prawns were fresh and sweet. The sauce was ok.
Siakap Steamed with Ginger @ RM22 - This I highly recommend. Very tasty and fish was really fresh and sweet.
Sotong Goreng Tepung (4 squids) @ RM23.20 - This was ok. Squids were fresh too. Squid is my favorite so nothing can go wrong  for me I guess. :)
Lala Masak Sambal @ RM13 - The lala was okay. Not exactly to die for hehe.
Tom Yam Campur  @ RM3 - Broth was too strong to be slurped as soup. Need to be eaten with rice to tone down the sour taste.
The aftermath!
Our dinner total was RM86.40. Pretty OK to me! Oh yeah one of my friend has platinum grey hair hence the description by the cashier! :P

Anyway....If you guys plan to go here soon, you can search the Golden Palm Tree Resort in you phone map and it will bring you to the area. The seafood restaurants are on the same road all by the seaside. From KL we used the MEX highway and headed towards Sepang. From Sepang there will already be signboards for the Golden Palm Resort so you just follow the signs. You can also use your normal road towards KLIA and then proceed towards the Sepang F1 Circuit and from there, there will also be signboards to the Golden Palm Tree Resort (Also known as Gold Coast Sepang). You won't get lost if you just follow the signboards.

Have fun walk walk find eat! :)

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  1. I like this restaurant too :)

  2. Hi, thanks for the guide as I read about Bagan Lalang eataries outlet. However, we landed to other restaurant. The restaurant located nearby the wet market toward the end when you turn on your right after the Hotel Seri Malaysia. Ohh.. During i wrote this comment, I asked the worker here, the name is rezeki restaurant ..

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