Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bonjour Garden @ Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara : Very Cozy!

Hey guyssss. How are you feeling today? Hope all is well ya... :)

Anyways... I just got back from this very nice hang out and eatery at Kota Damansara. Dataran Sunway to be exact. Alaaa yang dekat Sunway Giza tuu. Hmm klu still dunno where Sunway Giza is tengok map jap lagi kat bawah nie. :) Place was really amazing. They made it so cozy and nice with their water features and English decorations. Memang best lepak2. Nak dating pon sesuaiiii. Hehe.

They have tables both in an air conditioned area and open air area. Open air area was bigger. And even though it was open air, the place is actually covered. Since its built inside a dome like building.... So no worries you can still hangout during a thunderstorm. :P

Bonjour Garden also has its own bakery apart from their restaurant menus. Come here after 9.30pm daily for 50% discount on all items in their bakery. Food was fine but dessert was just amazing especially since they did not cost much at all compared to the other items on their menu. Try their Sakura pie : Strawberries topped sweet pie with cream and cake filling and crunchy crust plus almond nibbles on the side. Sedap! Tapi lupa amik pic sebab sampai2 terus ngap! :P

Oh yeah on weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) they offer live band performance. Currently ada this Jazz Duo which was really entertaining.

View from in front of Bonjour Garden.
Going to the main entrance...
Current act... Suara pompuan ni seriously sedap! Really jazzy ala Norah Jones...
At the entrance...
View from entrance with the live band performing...
Love the water feature...
Gives you the feeling of being in an English garden... or Parisian garden? Coz nama pon Bonjour Garden kan hehe.

Live band performing every Fridays & Saturdays...

Must taste nice kan?

Current promo - as of 13 April 2013

Menu and price range...

Menu... don't worry there are menus also at the tables.  :)

The Quattro Pizza tasted fine @ RM18.90
Website :
Bonjour Garden is in Google Map :

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 Have fun hanging out guyssss! :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Very cool ice cream shop! : Just Like It!

Hi all... Last weekend I went to watch a movie at GSC One Utama (The Host was great btw...!) and after buying the tickets I noticed a new shop just exactly opposite the movie ticketing counter. It was a new ice cream shop. The first branch in KL and opening soon in all the major shopping complexes (as I was informed by the supervisor lah) The thing that made me wanna buy one of the ice cream was the Durian ice cream. Oh yeahhhh I memang hantu durian! Hehe. And since the supervisor convinced me that the ice cream is made from pure durian D24 meat, I was totally excited! Well actually the supervisor didn't have to try to convince me pon since I already was eager to try hehehe. 

The cool thing about this shop is they will make your ice cream from scratch! Not like the normal ones where they just scoop a scoop or two from tubs. From scratch you knowww. Not la they korek the durian on the spot hehe... But the durian cream is ready and they put it first in the ice cream maker and then they put in this very cold liquid thingy that produces very thick mists when put in the ice cream maker. I think it's liquid nitrogen (just guessing! hehe). Can we eat that? :P So then, after a minute or two, voila! Your ice cream is ready.... And yeah my durian ice cream really tasted like I'm actually eating a very cold moist creamy durian D24! :D Ahhhh are the pics...

The shop...just opposite GSC One Utama ticketing counter...
The menu option for now... Hopefully more flavors to come. I took the first one. Superb!

Getting ready to put in my durian cream base in the ice cream maker....

So misty from the very, very, very cold liquid combined with the flavor. Bukan asap yerr. :)

Ice cream done after 2 minutes! Impressive! :D

For display only... Huhu I thought they were the toppings. :(

The ice cream base. Durian, berries,mangoes etc.

My seriously yummy Durian Ice Cream! :D
Watch this to see how they make the ice cream!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Bandung Trip March 2013 : Accomodation

Hello guysssss! So last week Mr.Mon went to Bandung of Indonesia. Just over the weekend for some retail therapy. Haha takde la retail sangat. Just factory outlets therapy. Yeah that's more like it. :) Anyways... let me update first in this entry on my accommodation in Bandung. 

Me and friends this time stayed in Amaris Hotel Cimanuk. Location wise is quite ok to me. Just a few hundred meters and you will find yourself at the beginning of Jalan Riau, one of the must go shopping "road" with factory outlets lining up the stretch of the road. So dekat la jugak hotel ni kalau nak jalan ke Heritage Factory Outlet and the rest kat Jalan Riau tu....

So lets see some of the hotel pictures....

Front view of hotel

Rooms are small and basic, clean and comfy beds! For IDR940,000 / RM150 per night.

Clean bathroom

The breakfast area, kids pool and lobby at the background...

Just a few steps away from the hotel there is this nice Sunda food eatery which is quite famous and has many branches here in Bandung. The Warung Nasi Ampera. When you walk out of the lobby of the hotel just turn right and walk around 100 meters and you will see the restaurant.

Tempat makan was basic. No air-conditioned area.

Choose your food and pay...

Some of the food are pre-marinated and once you choose it they will fry it on the spot.... so food are served hot.

The basic choice before our mains (waiting for pre-marinated chicken & squid being fried) arrive...

Apart from this restaurant, there are many other restaurants near this hotel that you could try. Go to Jalan Progo which is just around 200 meters away from the hotel for more choices of restaurants. I didn't have the chance to try them though since sibok bershopping sakan kat tempat lain hehehe. But we did drive though Jalan Progo going back to the hotel and there were really some restaurants that looked nice and visitable. So if you are planning to stay in Amaris Hotel Cimanuk or the area you can go lah can check the Jalan Progo area okay? :)

Amaris Hotel Cimanuk :

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