Monday, 18 February 2013

Boracay, Philippines Trip 2012 : Part 2

Hi all.... let's continue where I left off....So after 1 night at Boat Station 2 near D'Mall we stayed at another hotel at Boat Station 1....

On our 2nd and 3rd nite in Boracay we stayed at Boat Station 1 @ Residencia Boracay. As mentioned Station 1 is where most of the luxury resorts are.... (Haha but not this though gotcha!) As you know, Mr.Mon wants it cheap so we looked for a nice hotel that's not too expensive in Station 1 and so we found this. This pic is the beach side entrance of the hotel.
This is the front entrance of Residencia Boracay. It's a nice hotel and we got quite cheap price this time since it was low season. (Its their monsoon season July-Oct where the sea is rough and it rains often) We were lucky though it did not rain everyday. Even if it rained it stopped after 1 hour.

The room at Residencia Boracay. Pretty decent. If I'm not mistaken we paid around RM70 per person per nite.
This is what I love which made me choose this hotel before going to Boracay. The beach lounge area. Just love it! (If you notice the bamboo structure at the end, that's the wind breaker to prepare for the monsoon season.)
The hotel from beach area. (This part is facing the beach and the other end facing the main road.
Love it!

The beach area of our hotel. Boat Station 1.
Facing our hotel.
Facing to the right of hotel...
Facing to the left of our hotel.
It's More Fun In The Philippines! :D
Walking to Willy's Rock just 400 metres from our hotel.
The scenery towards the beach of our hotel...
Love the views of the mountains at the back! (Just try to focus at the mountains and ignore us! :P)
Going back to jetty and by bus to Kalibo...
Ferry to and from the island of Boracay...
See you again soon Kalibo. I'll be back for sure. InsyaAllah... :)

So....guys just to recap...If you're planning to go to Boracay anytime soon...
  1. Land in Caticlan Airport if you want to skip 1.5 hours of travel from Kalibo Airport to the jetty.
  2. Ati Atihan Festival in Kalibo (Mardi Gras style) is on the 3rd week of January every year.
  3. Boat Station 2 is the centre of Boracay where D'Mall is and has many restaurants, shops, bars.
  4. Boat Station 1 is where the nicest beach is and where the high end accommodations are.
  5. Try to avoid the Monsoon season which is from July - October. But accommodations and activities are cheapest during this season.
  6. Use Southwest for your transportation to and from hotel. It's hassle free.
  7. Change your money to Pesos before you leave for Boracay as not many money exchanger is available.
  8. Go cliff jumping at ARIEL'S POINT! It's a must! We were not able since the sea was rough coz of the moonsoon.
Happy holidays guys! By the way I will be leaving to Bangkok (for the 5th time) this 21st Feb so will be putting an entry soon on Mr.Mon's Musts in Bangkok. :) Till next entry, adios....

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  1. Among the other resorts in boracay in Station 1, I prefer Residencia Boracay too... You'll get all your money's worth. This one is highly recommended! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Night life looks fun but we didn't go hehehe. :P

  3. Hi may i know where you go to have your Halal meal at Boracay?

  4. Hi May i know any halal food in Boracay? Thanks.

  5. Hi May i know any halal food in Boracay? Thanks.