Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bangkok Hotel Recommendation before I continue about my trip to Lake Toba, Medan... Mr.Mon nak citer sket pasal satu hotel kat Bangkok nie....mmg best, cantik dan murah! Plus location wise pon very very near to Sala Daeng BTS station which is their MRT. Area plak is at Patpong so its just a 5-10 mins walk to Patpong Night Market and to those who crave for Bangkok's red light district scene...also very near hehe. So I would like to recommend all you guys out there who are planning to go to Bangkok soon, please please check this hotel out. :)

I've been to this hotel and slept there once but all my friends pon penah stay at the same hotel and everyone was so satisfied. It is labeled as a hostel coz they have 1 dormitory at the top level but do not fear... it is actually sort of a boutique hotel with all rooms with their own individual themes. Very nice indeed. So let me introduce to you... TAKE A NAP HOTEL....(all pics below taken from hotel website and don't worry it's exactly how they pictured it in real life...i know usually hotels put up pics that are like 10 years old so the room don't even look like the pics hate it when that happens kan...)
So this is the main entrance of the hotel. Which is exactly facing the Rama IV road which also where Pan Pacific is...
This is one of the Twin Room which costs only THB800 = RM80. Murah murah murah!
This is one of the Double Room which can fit up to 4 person for THB2000 = RM200 only...
Also Double Bed Room for only THB800 = RM80 ajerrrrr! :D
This seashells adorned room cost only THB1300 = RM130.

This room also costs only THB1300 = RM130. Nice right?
THB 1300 = RM130... i like the wallpaper! look nice for my room la. :)
THB 1300 = RM130.... simple but niceeee.
So...That is all that I am rajin to upload hehe. For rest of the pics and to book a room there you can go to the hotel's website at :

Plus the hotel only charge some deposit for advanced. No need to pay the whole amount as what you have to in Agoda so senang sket laaaa (If you know what I mean.. :P). And they do respond to emails very fast. By the way...My friends and I already booked here for my Bangkok trip this 21-25 February yay! Okay now I wanna continue with the Medan trip. See you in the next entry! :)

Hotel website :


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