Tuesday, 5 February 2013

And so it begins....6th February 2013

Haloooo! So after a few months of thinking of whether to start or not to start a blog...angan2 sudah menjadi kenyataan... I've finally decided to start writing. Wah haha takde la nak buat novel ke ape... Saje nak berangan jadi blogger jap... Not that i'm aiming to make money out of this but kalau boleh tu mesti ler nakkk hehehe. Giler ke ape kalau org nak bayo kita menulis kita tak nak haha. :P

So... anyway... For this first entry just nak citer what has already been planned for 2013. Ok. End of this month Mr.Mon akan pegi Bangkok for the ermmm... 5th time I think. Huhu nape ek suka gi Bangkok? Of course la coz of the food and shopping there. I am sooo in love with Chatutchak Weekend Market coz you can get literally everything there. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Hehe from your plain normal clothing to  pets to house decor to even live plants. Mr.Mon suka pegi sana sebab of course bila dah tempat macam tu mestilah bole tawar menawarrr. :) I also love Swensens Ice Cream in Thailand coz they have many choices and quite moderately priced for their standard. Suka sangat lah!

Ehhhhhh naper panjang sangat tulis pasal Bangkok niii. Kata tadi nak citer plan 2013 ni dah mcm buat solo entry pasal Bangkok pulak. Oppss tetiba naik sheikh.

Ok let me just summarize. February - Bangkok , March - Bandung ,  May - Pulau Perhentian , July - Pulau Redang , August - Pulau Langkawi , September - Jakarta ,  October - Bali...

From all the above destinations the one that Mr.Mon really can't wait is Bali and mmg terbukti lah coz dari sekarang dah start all the hotel booking and googling and everything hehe. Padahal it's going to be the 3rd time but i dunno why...still feel like I'm a Bali Virgin... :P This time plan nak stay Ubud for 2 nites at the end of the 5 nites stay. I will post an entry soon about my preparation for Bali. Mana tau ade yang dah planning to go there sooner so we can exchange ideas. :)

Oklah....sekian untuk my first blog entry. Yayyyyyyyy! (Eh camne nak upload pic ek?? Alaaa tak reti la next time ajelah ahaha) Tataaa...

p.s: A special Thank You to all my frens yang push me to write this blog. You know who you are. Hehe. TQ!

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