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Bangkok Travel Tips

(WARNING: To continue, you need to be freshly awake with a cup of coffee in hand coz no interesting pics here.. :P)
Hey hey heyyy... yeahhh it's about Bangkok again haha. :P Well I'm not growing young so I better pour all the info I have now before I start forgetting about the trip totally. Yeahhh seriously! I notice now that day by day some parts of my memory will slowly disappear and never return. Haha. So I better do it now before I only can say "Oh yeah I've been there....but don't remember anything about there sorry...". :P let me share with you some tips (useful hopefully! haha) that I figured out after my recent trip to Bangkok. (Well actually a combined experience after 6 times I've been to Bangkok huhu)

First and foremost, plan you trip and include the weekend in your stay there! Yessss. I've heard of people going there only on weekdays and oh my ohhh my such a waste that they couldn't go to Chatuchak Weekend Market. (Oh yeah this tip only applies to those budget shopaholic like me! :P) And yes maybe you've heard that Platinum Mall is sufficient for your shopping needs but I AM TELLING YOU...IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Seriously. It is not enough. There are things that are in Chatuchak that you won't find in Platinum Mall. Believe me...I've been there 6 times remember? Hehe. Chatuchak has definitely more things to offer like home decoration, lighting, pets & pet things (You know what I mean hehe like collars, food, cute pet t-shirt and so on), even furniture. Platinum Mall on the other hand is a fashion mall that sells only clothing, bag, shoes and accessories. But don't get me wrong, Platinum Mall is still also a must to go. Yes it's more comfortable shopping in Platinum Mall coz it's airconditioned and all but if you start shopping in Chatuchak at 6am when it opens...ermm ok let's be 8am, you will definitely shop at ease too. The sun would probably make the place humid after noon which is when you probably have finished shopping (I know I won't hehe. Need one day there!) And for your info, during my very first trip to Bangkok more than 8 years ago, one day wasn't enough and I went again for another day! Haha luckily I went on a Saturday so the next day Chatuchak is still open. :D And as I've mentioned in my previous entry, it is vital to wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring along one trolley bag to put all your nice new things in there instead of carrying 10 plastic bags on your back! Hehe. :) For you girls, aunty2, datin2 make up okayyyy? Or else by 3pm your cheeks will be blue coz your pretty blue eyeshadow in the morning has by then gone down to your cheeks!! :P Use sun block lotion if you're really that type that needs to have something on your face before going out of the house. Wow! Now I already have sub tips in my first tip! Hehehe well...

Secondly, if you stay at a place where there's a night market nearby, like Patpong or Khaosan Road which both have night markets every night, first thing to do is go and survey the price of things that you like there. Do not buy the things straight away coz you will maybe find the same thing at other places at a much cheaper price. Only shop at the night market on your last day in town if you can't find that thing that you liked at other markets. That is if you still have enough cash with you! Hehe work out some shopping plan so you will get the most of your shopping experience in Bangkok. :)

Thirdly, I know that most tourists to Bangkok will usually include the Floating Market in their itinerary. Well, I haven't been to the one in Bangkok like the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market but from what I've read in Tripadvisor, it can be a rip off. Especially if you unfortunately took the packaged tour that's just in for your money and not so much your experience. Some tours (if not most) will keep stopping by at places like gem or jewelry factory en route to the floating market and you end up only spending not more than half hour at the floating market! So that's my reason why I haven't yet been to the floating market in Bangkok. Plus it's almost 2 hours away. I think it would be a nice photo experience though. But for shopping a big NO NO. You guys should read all the reviews from Tripadvisor first before opting to go there. That would be my tip. I won't tell you not to go or should go, but do your research first then decide on your own okay? :)

Fourth, I have noticed that it is much much cheaper to do anything on beauty or health in Bangkok. If you love treating your hair then it is a must in Bangkok. If you love pampering your body then the spas in Bangkok is generally cheaper if to compare to Malaysia or your place maybe?. If you love being massaged, then of course as everyone should know, it is really cheap in Bangkok. Foot massage is a must after a day of shopping and sight seeing! Its everywhere and as cheap as 150Baht per hour. They also have many facial shops in shopping complexes that offer various packages and also not expensive so be sure to check it out. Teeth whitening is also moderately priced. Less than 1000Baht. And this last one seems to be a hit amongst my friends. Colon cleansing. Urmmm you just spread your legs and a tube will be inserted in your 'you know what' and water with some cleansing chemical is pumped in and you push out and water pumped in again and you push it out again and in again and out again and well you already know the drill....until the liquid going out of your behind is clear, after half hour pumping! :D Its supposed to remove toxins and residue and what not... :P Rave reviews from my friends who have done it before. They say their body feels lighter, they become thinner bla bla bla. Haha please Google away if your are interested okay. :)

Fifth, is how to get a taxi around Bangkok. Ok this is of very much importance! Please be informed that all taxis in Bangkok have a meter reading. It is vital to get a taxi that uses the meter to get cheap fare to be divided amongst your friends. So every time you hail down a taxi and say where you want to go, there are 3 types of reply that you might get. First, is the head nod. This means that the taxi driver agrees to use the meter and so you may go in the taxi and proceed to your destination. Sometimes after you get in they ask you whether he can use the highway. If you're in a hurry say yes and you pay the toll fees. Most of them is 45Baht I guess. If not in a hurry then just say no since it will definitely be cheaper even if traffic is a little congested. If the taxi driver disagrees then out you go to hail another cab. :) Second, is the NO sign from the taxi driver, so keep on hailing dearies.... Lastly, is the "200Baht or sometimes more" reply from the taxi driver. To this, don't bother bargaining. Just walk away like a boss and proceed to hail another cab. :P If you unfortunately are heading to a place where the traffic might be heavy and taxi drivers keep asking for a fixed price, be patient and keep trying to find a cab that will use the meter since there will always be one that is willing to use it. 200Baht is usually double the fare compared to using the meter even when the road is jammed. This rule can be applied anywhere within Bangkok town. :)

Sixth, when planning to take a tuk tuk (Thailand's 3 wheeled motor trishaw - if you're the few who still don't know what a tuk tuk is. Sigh. Hihi), only decide to take a tuk tuk to a destination nearby. Tuk tuk drivers will always try to demand the most that they can from you (since they don't use meters, they can run away with it) so you better be prepared to bargain with them. You must not pay more than 150Baht for a tuk tuk for a destination within 10kms (even by a taxi is only around 100-120Baht for 10km distance away) Well that's just my maximum limit with the tuk tuk when bargaining but maybe you suddenly decide to be a philanthropist so sure, go ahead and pay more. :) The usual fare that the tuk tuk drivers start to open for bid is 200Baht. Depending on how you look - looking so eager, so excited or confused will invite you a higher fare. So look confident, like you have been there for years (This is the best time to unleash the actor/actress in you!) Tuk tuk drivers will always offer you a city tour to visit all the attractions in town and in the process will try to make you go to places they can get commissions like the gem and jewelry factory. If you really want to experience Bangkok on a tuk tuk (it's not so bad anyway, even I did it during my first trip to Bangkok years ago), make sure you tell the tuk tuk drivers exactly which attractions you want to go that day (don't allow him to decide your itinerary or you will end up going to places you don't want to) and bargain the lowest price you can okay? Try cutting the tuk tuk driver's opening price to half first (more than half even better) then work your way up little by little. And don't forget to smile! It may help you get that better price. :))

Seventh, well i haven't thought of seventh yet so please come again soon! :D Take care all! 

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