Saturday, 9 February 2013

First AirAsia trip in 2004!

Hello all! Happy holidays and happy Chinese New Yearrrr! Travel safely everyoneeee!

Anyway....while I was browsing through my old pictures to see what to upload in this blog today, I bumped into my album of my very first trip with AirAsia to Phuket back in 2004 (nmpk sgt takde mende nak wat cuti2 ni kan hehe). Owh my God I was so small then! :P And I think the price I got for that AA ticket was not even more than RM50. And back then AirAsia's hub was still in KLIA. Bet some of you did not even have the chance to fly AA from KLIA right? Hehe. At first I thought AirAsia? What? Hmmm. Budget airlines? Not used to the low cost airline thingy...I imagined the worst for that first trip using AirAsia. I was imagining the external propellers of the plane like the Fokker types airplane and very small and cramped plane more like a bus that flies and so on. Haha boy was I really paranoid back then. :P

Anyways....let me upload just some of those very first moments with my favorite airlines now...AirAsia. Oh have made me so happy all these years. :D And true enough....with you...NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY! But too many can fly now that it is sooooooo hard to get promo tickets nowadays! Damn damn damnnn. Haha. (Ni kes geram tak dapat tiket murah promo arituh!) goes....
Haha see I was so small! :P And can you spot that gigantic videocam recorder on my lap? Hehe it was my first trip with friends paid by myself after just started working and so I wanted to record everything! Btw this was at KL Sentral before boarding the KLIA Express.

That's me showing off our sponsored 'door gift' for the trip. Haha actually one of the guys travelling together worked in MAA and used the company's paper bags to put our lunch and apples and water. Haha yeah it was like a tour package but organized by ourselves. (First trip together2 mehhhh. So excited la need to be prepared for everything huhu)

Don't they look so happy with their 'door gift's! Hehehe. This was also my first trip using KLIA Express! Niceeee. 28 minutes from KL Sentral to KLIA was really amazing. Especially when zooming past Putrajaya. Lovely scenery of Putrajaya buildings and bridges. Huhu dunno why when I think of Putrajaya I always picture the bridges only. Until now. :P

Enjoying my lunch box while waiting to board the plane in KLIA...not LCCT okayyyyy. Hehehe. Backthen AA flew from KLIA only. No LCCT yet! :) Miss those times. I think I was able to fly AA from KLIA more than 7 times.

Looked so happy for our first trip with friends! :D

Yayyyy I'm on board AirAsia and it did't have any propellers outside my window! Haha. I was so relieved!

On arrival at Phuket airport the queue to pass their Customs was quite long! Oh yeah as you can see last time AA did not charge for baggage check-in thus you don't see any of us carrying big bags. (Best kannn zaman2 tu. Huhu)
Just see at the veeeery long queue to pass the Customs. (Maintain muka happy hehe)

So so happy finally got to ride the infamous Tuk Tuk of Thailand hehehe.

Pic in Phuket Town. If it's your first time in Phuket then you can go there just to see and say been there done that but the next time just head straight to the beaches. Hey its Phuket...famous for it's many beaches right? Patong, Karon, Kata, Kamala are some of the most visited ones.

Hey I'm at Patong Beach! Wohooooo! :P
After a few days I was already sunburnt! Really love the sand in Patong Beach.

This is our hotel on Patong. C&N Hotel. I stayed here again and again when I came back to Phuket for the next few trips. Hotel was nice and not pricey and just a few steps to the famous Bangla St. Not by the beach though. But just a 5min walk to the beach.
So yeah that was my very first trip with friends and with AirAsia. We had soo much fun! Owh now I miss Phuket already. (Nak check website AirAsia jap lah).

Ok that's all for now. Till next entry! Good day all. Assalamualaikum.... ;)

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