Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wondermama @ Bangsar Village I (Old Wing)

Hi all. So just a short entry on this not so new place lah at the old wing of Bangsar Village, Wondermama. It used to be the Outback Steakhouse. Exactly in front of Chawan Jalan Telawi which for you old timers, used to be Devi's. Haha so you confused yet? :P Anyways... I quite like the place...the ambiance, the deco and lightings which are made from woks and whisks are cool. Food that we ordered were also good and service was great from all the foreign workers. This was actually my second visit so that means there is something worth going back for another visit. Hope you guys will like it too. :) So lets move on to the pictures shall we??

Time aku nak snap la dia lalu suka interfrem. :P

Oh just 1 thing I didn't like was that pointy thingy at the chair which kept poking my back. :P

Try the Durian Crepe with Ice Cream! Niceeeeeee.

Special Seafood Maggi Mee Goreng @ Rm14.90. Fried said it was really good. Tengok pon terliur lah. :)
Spicy Chicken Salad @ RM15. I tasted the really crispy and tasty chicken. Beware when eating this coz there are tiny bits of cili padis inside! ;)
Claypot Tomyam Soup Chicken @ RM16.90. This was mine and it was ok. Did not really taste like the original tom yam lah since it was not really sour nor really spicy. So if you like your soup that way then do order this. :)
Wondermama is at Bangsar Village 1 (Old Wing) on the outer part facing Chawan. Formerly Outback Steakhouse.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Just Heavenly Cafe @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Last week Mr.Mon and friends went to Just Heavenly cafe in Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) for their desserts. And oh my yesssss it was sooooo heavenly. The best that we tried was the Red Velvet cake. The cafe is located at the 2nd floor of BSC's new wing.

Just Heavenly Cafe, 2nd Floor BSC New Wing
Main cafe in front of A Cut Above...
The sort of al-fresco seating area opposite the main cafe (where all the cakes are displayed)...
Our order...
I didn't taste the Eclair... hehe. Friend said it did not taste horrible lah, so ok lah tu kan. :) RM2.90 only.

Baked cheese cake @ RM 9.90. Tasted okay. Love the base. Cheese was moist.

The best Red Velvet cake I ever tasted so far! The cake was really really moist. Cream cheese was soft and verrrry delicious! Oh my I just can't forget the taste of it. Seriously guys, you should try this. Sedap sangattttt! :)
The makan2 team hehe. :P

For further info on the cafe just go to their website here : http://justheavenly.biz/shop/product-category/individuals/

Jalan-jalan Muar ujung minggu...

Hujung mingggu baru2 ni aku gi Muor jap teman kawan balik kampung dia sat. Takde la jauh sangat Muar rupanye dari KL. Highway plak tak jem so kejap je da sampai tol Tangkak. Tapi sblom tu singgah brunch jap kat R&R Seremban makan ni ha...

Tak sedap pon sup yong tau foo kat sini. Kuah dia ok la sket so jadi penyelamat keadaan. Klu tak mcm hirup air letak garam je.

R&R Seremban
Sampai2 aje kat Muor kelaparannnn so pegi la dulu kedai depan stesen bas Muar tu tapi dah pukul 1pm so makanan semua nye abis! Teringin nak makan sate sana tapi nak wat camne. So pusing2 sket jumpa kedai yg ade lagi makanan nye. End up kat kedai Sate Warisan dekat depan bangunan TM Muar tu. Sate ayam dia sedap gak tapi takde pic. 

Ni mee bandung kawan order. Kuah dia sedappp. Manis dan pedas. Rasa udang dia cukup. Bole le korang try kalau ade menyinggah kat Muor ni yer. :)

Yg paling aku nak citer kat korang.... lepas makan lunch ni kawan aku yg kampung kat sini bawak gi gerai pakcik ni jual apam kacang merah. First time aku rasa. Sangat sangat sedap okayyy. Terus aku jatuh cinta. Makan panas2 bestttt. Layan giler.

Pakcik tu tengah buat last layer atas apam tu.

Simple aje bahan dia kan. Tepung dengan kacang merah. Tapi rasa SUPERB ok. Sedap!

Memang sedap. Pakcik tu jual satu 25sen aje. Mana nak dapat lagi kuih 25sen kan.

Sampai skrg aku takleh lupakan rasa kuih ni lagi. Kat KL takde plak. Demmit.

Kalau ade sape2 tau kuih ni ade jual kat KL ke, please please komen kat bawah ni and gtaw kat mana ekkkk. :D TQ!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sekeping Serendah - Back To Nature

Hi all! So today's short entry, I'm gonna tell about my trip to a place in Selangor called Sekeping Serendah, to this cool glass house smacked right in the middle of the jungle. LITERALLY. It's actually a jungle resort. It's really cool! If you decide to spend a night here, you will definitely experience something very different and unforgettable. 

Me and friends decided to just have a day barbeque trip at one of the glass house. It cost us almost RM500. There were 10 of us so it was pretty okay to me. Oh yeah they have a few houses there that you can rent. 2 glass houses, 2 wooden houses and 1 mud house. There is a stream running through the jungle resort. But just too shallow to bathe in though. Hehe. No worries, there is a really nice pool you and your family can jump in to. :)

There is also a nice waterfall just at the end of the road after the resort's entrance that you can check out.
Really cool...

Now let's see the Sekeping Serendah pictures...

The living room & verandah outside for BBQ... I'm lovin it! :D That hole you can see in between the living room and verandah is the stairs going out of the house. Yeah the house is built over a stream. So you feel elevated when you're in the house.

The living room & the kitchen area from the verandah...

Just relax and dream away...

The area on the side of the verandah...

The stairs going upstairs to the bedroom...

A nice balcony on the side...

The outdoor toilet. The only toilet in the house. Don't worry no monkeys when we were there. :D

View from the bed. Ermmm do you dare sleep here? We didn't! Haha. :P

Feel like honeymooning here with all the insects and God knows what watching you? :D

Do excuse the unqualified models hehe. Just wanna show the nice comfy beds. :D

Simple and nice....

View of upstairs bedroom from outside...

Nice pool. You can also have your barbeque here. The resort will prepare everything for you. Just bring your raw food to BBQ. :)

Very calm and quiet surrounding.

Barbeque timeeeee!

Btw you just have to bring your raw food for the BBQ. The resort will provide the charcoal and the utensils and will also start the fire for you. Very convenient! :))

Our house. :D

Me in front of the wooden house. What? Scary? No lahhhhhhhh. :P

So guys if you plan to go here soon, do check out their website : http://www.serendah.com/home.html