Friday, 8 February 2013

Gardens Recipe @ Paradigm Mall

So now is the here and there entry about food.... :)
Today Mr.Mon and friend went to Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya and we saw this nice looking cafe and wanted to try our luck. Plus it says that they sell only organic food. So all my friends suddenly fefeeling health conscious pon nak la try the cafe. So below are some food that I managed to snap...

The cafe is exactly in front of Tesco's entrance at LG floor. Looks clean and comfy.
Dragon fruit drink @ RM6.50 was not sweet and not tasteless too according to my friend. Hmmm yeah that really tastes healthy indeed. :)
This is Salmon Fried Rice @ RM16.90. Friend says that it really tasted good. Hmmm I bet it does even from the looks of it. Yummehh!
Finally this is my Nasi Lemak using brown rice @ RM12.90. Well the chicken was really crispy which is how Mr.Mon likes it and the rice was do I describe it...dry and don't taste the lemak at all. Yalah healthy kannn? :P The rest of the condiments taste pretty similar to the ones I've tasted before outside. Oh yeah the sambal was hot and tasty! I loved it! :D

Garden Recipe @ Paradigm Mall
LG Floor, In front of Tesco Entrance

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