Monday, 18 February 2013

Casa del Rio Melaka

Hi guyssss. Just a short entry on my trip to Malacca last month and to recommend the hotel I stayed at, Casa del Rio Hotel.... I have a friend who could get a special rate at this boutique hotel and so we went and spent a night there. The hotel was really nice and had one of the best location in Malacca. Just by the mouth of the Malacca river with great views of the sea and city and the river just down below. Price was quite expensive though, starting from RM488 in I only recommend if you are planning to spend your honeymoon or anniversary or special birthday celebration or 'yang sama waktu dengan nya lah' at this place.Or if you have the money please go aheadddd! :D

Literally meaning 'house near the river' in Spanish, Casa del Rio with its 66 rooms really gives that Spanish vibe which can be seen from the design of the hotel, the uneven wall plasters, the fountains and even the colour of the building makes the hotel look even more Spanish. The service was exceptionally good where during check-in, you sit at a gazebo and you will be served a welcome ginger and lemon sorbet in a bamboo tray with your name written with silver marker pen on a piece of leaf while they process your check-in. Then you will be escorted to your room while being explained on the facilities of the hotel. Once you enter the room you will notice that they do pay attention to the smallest details in the room from the small table clock on the side table to the delicate tile designs in the shower enclosure. A boutique hotel indeed.

Now lets see the pictures...

Upon entering the room.... Directly on my left is the walk-in wardrobe which has access to the bathroom.
Taken from the walk-in wardrobe area...

Shower area.
Taken from inside the bathroom...

Wall details...

View from balcony...By the way the infinity pool is at the rooftop of that left wing. Beautiful views from the pool.

Hotel website :

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  1. Do you remember the cute little ducky in the tub? Loved the the little touches that the hotel had to make the stay perfect!

  2. Great stay! Do check out our coverage of Casa Del Rio Melaka as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!