Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Medan Trip October 2012 : Part 1

So just a few months ago in October 2012, my friends and I finally went to Medan after a few years of me wanting to really go there (sbb selalu tgk promo AirAsia mmg laaa murah sgt ke Medan nih). I've always been dreaming to see the famous Lake Toba (Famous sgt ke hehe. Bole la kan...)You see...everytime AirAsia does any promotion, Medan always got ignored by my friends and I...(ntah la...terlalu excited tengok destinasi2 lain yg konon lebih menarik kannn.)...So we finally managed to agree to spend a few ringgit, (and I literally mean a few...not even more than RM100) to see what Medan could offer us and for the first time we got a tour package locally in Malaysia since many people advice us to do so.... and here is how it went...

As usual... Pic after arriving at the destinantion airport...(Alamak baru perasan lupa nak shave the stubbles! huhuhu)

Our tour guide Pak Tak Ingat Dah Nama Dia...Very informative and he's the one incharge of us for the whole 4D3N trip. Very good and speaks English well too.

Our home on the road for 4D3N... So from Medan Airport, we were headed straight for a 6 hour trip to Parapat for a 1 night stay just by the Lake Toba.
En route to Parapat we dropped by for a hearty lunch which my friends and I, haha ate like a pig! So it was actually hearty to the group of people travelling with us but not to us :P (Masing2 dah kelaparan sangat buat malu je dgn tourist lain yg join tour group kami haha)

Still en route to Parapat we stop by a temple and this was the main attraction to me...this was on the 2nd floor of the 2 storey temple.

Along the way....we saw this...our Pak Tour Guide told us that it is their culture (the Batak People) to put up these large signages made from small petals of artificial flowers to wish people marriage, farewell, death and so on. Interesting right...?

This is the first view of Lake Toba when approaching Parapat....the town just by the edge of Lake Toba.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Parapat...the Danau Toba Cottage. Our balcony overlooking the majestic Lake Toba! Breathtaking! Love it! :)


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  1. hi,salam..nak tanyala,utk pakej yang awk pergi aritu 4hari 3mlm berapa rm ye?