Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bali Trip Nov 2013 - DAY 6 (Last Day)

So finally this is my last day in Bali... Yeah eventhough it was my last day we still managed to visit a few more places since our flight back home is at 8pm. We continued using the free shuttle service by Bali Plus Priority Platinum Card that we purchased online from Malaysia. Please refer my previous post here to know more about this card ---> Bali DAY 1 

5 Nov 2013 - Kintamani, Tegallalang, The End

On the morning of our last day, we checked out of Tegal Sari Accommodation and went to the Plus Priority Lounge very nearby (in front of Monkey Forest) to wait for our shuttle to Kintamani.

The view of the villas of Tegal Sari from the reception counter before checking out...

From left, the first wooden villa with the thatched roof is my friend's Wooden Room followed by the gym
and then the massage area next to it... then is the pool area just in front of the 2 tall trees and followed by
another one of our Wooden Room...  There are only 2 Wooden Rooms in Tegal Sari... At the end of this
picture is that tall Tower Room which is meant for walk-in customers only which cost Rp.200.000. The whole
other side of the villas are also paddy fields.

This is the open air Ubud Plus Priority Lounge in front of Monkey Forest while waiting for our shuttle....

From Ubud it took us around 1 hour to Kintamani. Along the way up we passed by Tegallalang where there were endless home decoration shops by the road side. All 6 kilometers of it I would guess from all types of things you can think of made from wood, glass, ceramic, clay, stone, steel, cloth, seashells, recycled items etc. IF YOU JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE, YOU MUST GO TO TEGALLALANG TO BUY YOUR DECORATIONS! Heaven! I am truly sorry though coz I was not able to take any decent pictures of the shops as we were moving quite fast... But trust me... They really are worth going to! Some of my other friends and I did passed by the stretch of road on our first visit to Bali a few years ago and we had to ask our driver to stop every 100 meters because there's always something new to see and buy as we drove along the road. :D

So we arrived at the Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant in Kintamani. The only thing to do in Kintamani is to have your lunch at any of the restaurants lining up the caldera overlooking the majestic active volcano, Mount Batur. So I guess all the restaurants here in Kintamani serves buffet lunch at Rp.100.000 excluding drinks. Food was good but we just ate the seafood dishes though as it was not Halal certified. I actually asked the van driver (3 times!) to go to Batur Sari Restaurant as I read online that it was Halal but he insisted on taking us to Grand Puncak Sari as it was the best. Oh well guess he was looking for some commission from bringing us there and we didn't want to insist and risk our last day of fun in Bali by getting into a fight with the driver right... :) Can always try Batur Sari Restaurant next time. Hehe. Will definitely be back! 

Having lunch overlooking Mt Batur...and the Batur Lake on the right side. You will see it if you focus! :P
The weather was cool and windy.

Mt. Batur. As you can see, almost naked...without any vegetation on it.

Mt. Batur last erupted in 2000 but the traces of the lava field as you can see above (the flat dark area
with no trees) is from the eruption back in 1968. You can see also a small island of trees in the middle
of the lava field where you can imagine it survived the lava flow long ago. (Click picture to enlarge) 

Before boarding the shuttle to leave Kintamani we were ambushed by these sellers. 6 T-shirts for only Rp100.000 

We then left Kintamani back the same road we came towards Ubud and asked the driver to stop by the main tourist attraction in Tegallalang to view the gorgeous Tegallalang rice terraces. The rice terraces are just by the main road so it's pretty easy to go to. Even if you don't plan to go to the rice terraces you will definitely pass by the area going down from Kintamani towards Kuta. There are also a lot of souvenir shops here and a few choices of cozy lovely cafes overlooking the rice terraces. Stopping by here is definitely a must!

One of the cafes overlooking the Tegallalang rice terraces.

Another view of the rice terrace from the main road...


We chose this cafe...

Very refreshing mango lassi...

View of the souvenir shops by the main road....

Another cafe....

Another view closer to the rice terrace... 

This was the souvenirs I bought from Tegallalang. Only Rp 10.000 per piece. Only USD 1/piece.

We then rode the shuttle back to Ubud and then back to Kuta where we took a taxi to the airport. The shuttle doesn't have any route going to the airport...

So that was all from my recent trip to Bali in November 2013. It was definitely a really fun and enjoyable trip and definitely relaxing towards the end.... :)

Anyway... I will later post an entry on the Top Things To Do In Bali.... till then... take care all!


  1. Hye,very attractivee blog & a lots of information that i need about bali!!really helpful ;).. haniey

  2. Im planning for my 6d5n in bali as well, then i saw ur blog! OMG... very detailed and d photos says it all. im actually thinking gosh... i wanted to go so many places in bali !! lombok, lovina n watch the dolphins... :/ its hard 2 squeeze everything in. but its so nice to just chill and not be in hurry in a holiday !! i think i just need to visit bali twice. Thanks so much !! and keep it up !! im seeing myself to check out ur blog now and then when i wanna travel :P

  3. Hi, I love your blog! Just read about your six days 5 nights trip in bali! Really awesome! I'm going to bali for five days this coming June, and now I know where to go! Tqvm! Hehe :) by the way can I know how long does if take to travel from Kuta to the airport? And how far from Kuta to the klappa beach club and also tegalalang rice terrace? Thank you ver much!

  4. Finished your 6d5n trip in Bali! That's so amazing! Really love reading what you wrote! Will definitely keep an eye on your blog for your next journey!

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