Monday, 29 July 2013

Bangkok Trip June 2013 - DAY 2 & DAY 3

Hi all! So on my 2nd day in Bangkok which was on a Sunday, of course the one compulsory thing to do when you're in Bangkok over the weekend is, Chatuchak Weekend Market!!! :D

Day 2 : Chatuchak Weekend Market - 9:30am

OK so we arrived pretty early at Chatuchak as not all shops were open yet hehe. But by slightly over 10am all the shops were ready to be invaded by us! Chargeeeeee!!!!! :P Anyways I've put an entry on Chatuchak in my previous entry here ---> Top Things To Do In Bangkok so do have a look ya.

This clock shop was really really cool! And cheap! This large one was only 450Baht without discount. Imagine the price after you bargain! :)

Can get as low as 50Baht for these.
By 1pm we were all getting really hungry so we had lunch at one of the two Halal restaurants there in Chatuchak. I wrote about the other one in my previous entry here ---> Halal Food in Bangkok 

So this time we went to Kak Jah. Or was it Mak Jah. Hurmmmm whatever it is the last name was Jah hehe. If you want to go here the easy way to direct you is from the other Halal restaurant in Chatuchak. So just go to the clock tower, ask any of the shop owners in Chatuchak where the clock tower is and they should know it. When you reach the clock tower, just walk around it until you see the restaurant (there is only one restaurant in front of the clock tower). Ok so stand in between the clock tower and the restaurant. Make sure the clock tower is on your right slightly at your back and the restaurant on your left. The main road of Chatuchak should also be on your right. Now just walk straight ahead along the small alley in between the main road and the restaurant. Just walk and don't stop at other restaurants until you pass by Kak Jah on your left. You will see the name Kak Jah at the restaurant wall. Basically Kak Jah is on the same row as the other Halal restaurant. Food at Kak Jah are fairly cheaper than the other restaurant in Chatuchak.

Flat Noodles Tom Yam. Was nice.
Chicken Tom Yam. Hot & spicy! :)

Papaya Salad was seriously good!

The Green Curry Chicken's broth was too light for me.

Please please please order their Iced Tea!!! Superb!!!

After lunch we continued shopping! Hehehe. We finally got back to our hotel at 6pm. Almost 8 hours of shopping in Chatuchak but believe me it was still not enough. Especially if you are first timers. :D

The damage done at Chatuchak for 9000Baht only. :D
So basically our 2nd day was only for Chatuchak. At night we just walked around Patpong Night Market and did some last minute shopping. Hehe hello this is Bangkok. Just shop till you drop! :)

Day 3 : Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour - 8:00am

Since one friend and my flight was at 6pm on our last day in Bangkok, we decided to try the half-day Damnoen Saduak floating market tour (never been to any of the floating market in Bangkok even though I have been there 7 times hehe). We booked the tour at our hotel's front desk for 550Baht. The tour brought us first to the floating market, then to an elephant ride farm, then to a wood carpentry center, then to a snake show and finally back to the hotel at 2:00pm.

After 1 and a half hour we first arrived here. We then boarded the boat that will bring us to the Damnoen Saduak floating market. The ride took around 15 minutes.

On the way to Damnoes Saduak. It's fun to cruise along the waterways!

Approaching Damnoen Saduak we passed by local houses.

As it gets nearer to Damnoes Saduak the waterways become narrower.

About to go to market to sell some fruits.

Going back already???
We're here!!!
Once you arrive at Damnoen Saduak you can choose to rent a tail boat or just walk around the floating market. My friend and I chose to just walk and just enjoy the market our own way. We were given 1 and a half hours here.
Love to see them doing about their business.

Grilled bananas!

Heavy traffic at the floating market!

Love the experience here. Unforgettable.

Abundance of fruits!

Spotted a springroll seller. And Halal!

We decided to buy the some springrolls and the aunty that had to pass the springroll to us was unhappy! Hehehe.

The springroll tasted good! The veges inside were fresh and crunchy, sauce was tasty and eating them with the fresh basil leaves were a bonus! We thought the leaves was only for decoration but we were told to eat it. Hehe only God knows if we were bluffed. :P But it did tasted good so...we were happy and bought more for our 2nd serving...  :)

After walking around the area we just sat at one of the many stools on the side of the floating market and enjoyed the really juicy and sweet pineapple cutlets and just watched the boats go by. It was really nice and relaxing.
After the tour we went to Deen Muslim Restaurant (in my Day 1 entry) again for our last lunch in Bangkok... Were really satisfied with all the dishes we ordered. As usual I'd order green curry chicken. Superb!!! :)

Goodbye Bangkok. Till we meet next year in March 1-4. :)



  1. salam.. kat ne paling sesuai nk shopping women office attire utk big size kt bangkok?

  2. Hi there..
    I saw from your vacation countdown, that you'll be leaving to Bangkok again this 1st March.
    With the current situation in Bangkok, are you still going there?
    The reason im asking is because, i'm going there on the 5th of March. But now, im kind of confuse, if i should proceed on with my trip or should i postpone the date.
    If you're still going there, could you please do me a favour, by updating me on the status over there?
    i'm just confuse since in the news, it looks pretty dangerous, but from updates via instagram,twitter it seems ok.
    Here's my email add for you to contact me :

    Really hope to hear from you soon.