Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Very cool ice cream shop! : Just Like It!

Hi all... Last weekend I went to watch a movie at GSC One Utama (The Host was great btw...!) and after buying the tickets I noticed a new shop just exactly opposite the movie ticketing counter. It was a new ice cream shop. The first branch in KL and opening soon in all the major shopping complexes (as I was informed by the supervisor lah) The thing that made me wanna buy one of the ice cream was the Durian ice cream. Oh yeahhhh I memang hantu durian! Hehe. And since the supervisor convinced me that the ice cream is made from pure durian D24 meat, I was totally excited! Well actually the supervisor didn't have to try to convince me pon since I already was eager to try hehehe. 

The cool thing about this shop is they will make your ice cream from scratch! Not like the normal ones where they just scoop a scoop or two from tubs. From scratch you knowww. Not la they korek the durian on the spot hehe... But the durian cream is ready and they put it first in the ice cream maker and then they put in this very cold liquid thingy that produces very thick mists when put in the ice cream maker. I think it's liquid nitrogen (just guessing! hehe). Can we eat that? :P So then, after a minute or two, voila! Your ice cream is ready.... And yeah my durian ice cream really tasted like I'm actually eating a very cold moist creamy durian D24! :D Ahhhh heaven.....Anyway....here are the pics...

The shop...just opposite GSC One Utama ticketing counter...
The menu option for now... Hopefully more flavors to come. I took the first one. Superb!

Getting ready to put in my durian cream base in the ice cream maker....

So misty from the very, very, very cold liquid combined with the flavor. Bukan asap yerr. :)

Ice cream done after 2 minutes! Impressive! :D

For display only... Huhu I thought they were the toppings. :(

The ice cream base. Durian, berries,mangoes etc.

My seriously yummy Durian Ice Cream! :D
Watch this to see how they make the ice cream!

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