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Bali Trip Nov 2013 - DAY 2

A few more friends from Malaysia arrived in Bali after midnight of our Day 1 in Bali. So there were more of us on Day 2 yay! Plus the one who just renewed his passport and had to buy another ticket going to Bali since he was not allowed on the earlier flight with me coz his passport was less than 6 months the validity period. Hehehe. So again... Please make sure your passport has the minimum 6 month validity before traveling okay! :)

1 Nov 2013 - DAY 2 (Sanur Beach, Hard Rock Hotel, Beachwalk Mall)

Sticking to our planned itinerary (well actually my planned itinerary as the self proclaimed leader of this Bali trip haha!), we headed for Sanur Beach using the Bali Plus Priority free shuttle service as I've mentioned in Bali Day 1 . Do check that link for more info on the shuttle service.

In the shuttle going to Sanur Beach 30mins from Kuta...

So although this trip is the 3rd or 2nd trip to some of us (except for 2 where this trip is their first), we all never thought of going to Sanur Beach before...until we decided to use the shuttle service...since one of its destinantion is Sanur, then why not... Well it really was a good choice to have decided to experience Sanur. I really loved Sanur Beach and its many cozy beach cafes right on the sand. Something you will not really find in Kuta. The line of trees shading the beach really helps in cozying up (is there such word? haha) the cafes! And almost all cafes offer free wifi. Something that some of us really need when deciding to choose a place to chill right? :) I really do recommend you to take some time to go to Sanur Beach during your trip to Bali... If you love to chill and relax and just let time go by then it is a must!

The first cafe at  Sanur that you will see when you walk to the right at the beach via Jl. Segara Ayu...

Great place to unwind...

All along Sanur Beach is this walkway and trees to provide shade. This was at 12pm! Thank you trees! :)

Loving it... :)

More beach cafes... I'm sure towards late afternoon these places will be packed!

Our 1st choice... :)

Our 2nd choice....

Love the traditional umbrellas...

Really cool tree shade!

Tan yourself away...

Finally we chose to stop at our 1st choice... :)

Not that expensive right?

Hmmmm the Milk Berry sounds nice!

So after our 3 hours in Sanur, we shuttled our way back to Kuta for time to check in our next hotel in Bali. Hard Rock Hotel Kuta for another 2 nights.

Room for 2 can actually fit up tp 4 adults with this 2 queen sized beds. :)

Very very comfortable beds!

View outside our room balcony...

Going to the very huge pool area. They have normal pool, kids pool, and their own man made beach.

This is just 1/3 of the pool area....

Very cool gazebo complete with you own dressing table...

Must look & act very excited in front of camera! :P

 After check-in we headed to Kuta Beach to watch the sunset.

Beautiful! :)

After the sunset show we went to Beachwalk Mall... the latest shopping center in Kuta. Quite large with many upmarket restaurants and cafes and famous clothing brands. The food court on the top level looks cool where their stall design and the whole setting makes you think that you are outdoor with rows of food shop you can choose from.

Nice outdoor ambiance of Beachwalk Mall...

Outdoor setting of Bubba Gump....

We did not find anything to eat here in Beachwalk Mall. The foodcourt only has 1 halal restaurant which serves Indian food which is not really to our liking. So we went to the seafood joints just between Mc Donald's Kuta and Hard Rock Hotel. All of the seafood stalls has the Halal logo so we decided to try our luck there. Well....perhaps we chose the wrong stall coz food was not that great (the reason I totally forgot to take the pictures hehehe). Also perhaps it's my fault for wanting to order chicken chop at a seafood restaurant haha.

Anyways that's all for Day 2 in Bali... see you in Day 3! :)

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  1. Will stay in Sanur for 1 night. Saw some blog post about night market there. Did you visit any?